Speap Call

Speap CallMake cheap international long-distance calls using your normal phone. More

Speap Message

Speap MessageSend cheap international SMS and MMS using your smartphone or computer. More

Speap Forward

Speap NumberGet your iNum or an international phone number and specify where incoming calls or SMS should be forwarded to. More

Cheap calling to Canada

If you want cheap calling to Canada, then Speap is your way to choose. No additional equipment needed. No setup fee, no monthly fee. Simply create an account, top up and start cheap calling to Canada.

While most people will use call-through for cheap calling to Canada, you may also use call-back if your phone provider does not supply cheap calling to local numbers or you do not have a Speap local dial-in in your country.

See our rates table for current prices on cheap calling to Canada and other countries and location.

Speap Connect

Speap ConnectGet a Button for your website and a special URL for your Profiles and let Customers call you for free. More

Speap Code

Speap APIIntegrate our API into your website, software or mobile app. More

About us

We wants to offer cheapest but reliable worldwide phone connections in a simple usable way. No special equipment is needed to use this service. You simply have to call the appropriate phone number for your country, enter the number you want to call and start talking.

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