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If the possibilities offered by our forwarding rules and the configurable destination phone numbers are not enough for your purposes and needs or you do have an presence status available within a phone system or workgroup manager which you would like to consider for your forwards, then we would like to introduce a new feature which will be very helpfull: Speap Forward Action Poll.

Simply create a script for example in PHP, store it on your website and enter the appropriate URL on Speap into "My phone numbers". Then you could activate this new entry in the "Forwarding rules" favourable in the "Others" line.

After this all incoming calls will first initiate a request to this script giving the called phone number and the calling phone number and then process the call according to the result.



$result = "";

$called_number = $_REQUEST['did'];
$calling_number = $_REQUEST['cid'];

if (substr($called_number, 0, 1) == "1") {
// North American Numbering Plan

$destination_number = get_agent_for_location("North_America");
} else {
// Rest of the world

$destination_number = get_agent_for_location("World");

$current_hour = date("H");

if ($current_hour >= 9 && $current_hour <= 17) {
if ($destination_number != "") {
$result = "forward:".$destination_number;
} else {
// No agent available
$result = "busy";
} else {
// Office not open
$result = "reject";

// Sending an empty string and having VoiceMail activated
// in Forwarding Rules results in VoiceMail
echo $result;


We think, that this massively expands the flexibility of Speap Forward. But certainly we are always open for new suggestions and ideas.

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We wants to offer cheapest but reliable worldwide phone connections in a simple usable way. No special equipment is needed to use this service. You simply have to call the appropriate phone number for your country, enter the number you want to call and start talking.

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