Get incoming SMS on your iNum via e-mail

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Some weeks ago we implemented the integration of VoxBone's iNum's into Speap to be used as a Speap Number, where you can forward incoming calls to your personal voicemail or your own personal phone numbers (where international calling rates apply) depending on the caller id.

Since now you are able to receive incoming SMS on your iNum, which then will be forwarded to your e-mail. And, yes, replying to this e-mail will send a replying SMS to the original sender where your iNum will be the sending phone number (for sending SMS international calling rates apply as well)!

This means, that you will be able to use your normal e-mail client in combination with your iNum on Speap to have complete SMS-based conversations like you would have on your mobile phone!

Or you can simply send notes, reminders and other stuff to your own e-mail with a SMS to your own iNum.

Currently we are additionally working on a special syntax to have special incoming SMS becoming a appointment request or vcard transformation.

Certainly sending SMS is already integrated into our tool Speap Call and into our Speap API which was set into operation in last December.

Have fun getting and sending SMS.

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