Black Friday to Cyber Monday Promotions

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Yet the hottest days in the year have arrived again and you will be able to find discounts, bargains and promotions everywhere.

Certainly we want to offer you some special promotions too. Happy bargain hunt!

Black Friday

On Black Friday (*) all paid top ups will result in 30% Top up Bonus additionally booked onto your account.

Buy Nothing Day

On Buy Nothing Day (*) all booked charges (e.g. placed phone calls) will receive 30% discount rebooked onto your account at the end of the day (*).

1st Advent Sunday

On 1st Advent Sunday (*) there is a Magic Voucher available which will top up your account with at least $1, but you can win $5, $10 or $25 top up with a bit of luck.

Go to Redeem Voucher page an enter the following voucher code:

Cyber Monday

On Cyber Monday (*) again all paid top ups will let you get 30% Top up Bonus additionally booked onto your account.

(*) These promotions start on 2015-11-27 6:00 PST; day break is ment at 0:00 PST.

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